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Exchange Solution

Foreseer, through its white labeled cryptocurrency exchange solution, provides all-in-one exchange solution to help you focus more on business while we take care of the rest. With our reliable, secure, and scalable platform on all managed from the cloud, we can help your business succeed to the next level.


End-to-End encryption by default, our solution employs the most reliable technology regarding security.


Cloud managed platform allows the exchange scale to indefinite within a few seconds with automatic load balancing.


Our exchange solution ensures liquidity available to the exchange by connecting to external markets using trading bot.


Real time system resources and exchange status insight through dashboard makes it easy to manage and monitor the exchange.

Pro Chart

Integrated with TradingView, our Pro Chart provides powerful charting library for professional traders and institutions.


Carefully designed UI/UX provides a convenient and intuitive trading experience.


Though most complex part of an exchange, Foreseer provides a highly professional backend systems for effective and efficient management. Backend is comprised of complex, inter-operative components.

Order Matching Engine

High performance order matching engine

Risk Management System

Multi-tier risk mitigation implemented to avoid internal and external threats

Asset Management System

Integrated with BitGo multisig wallet to securely manage all the assets


Institutional grade accounting and audit system

User Management System

Support KYC and AML to comply with government guidance on regulatory compliance

3rd Party Integration

Integratable with 3rd party CRMs such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and more

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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Foreseer provides an easy payment gateway to send and receive various cryptocurrencies. It is a comprehensive end-to end payment solution that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

Accepting payments for your business

For merchants who wish to attach cryptocurrency payment gateway to their markets, we provide an easy plug-in to let you start accepting cryptocurrency payments in just a few minutes.

Multiple Platform

We support all major mobile and desktop platforms.

Easy Integration

Integrating our cryptocurrency payment gateway to your market takes less than an hour.

Reporting Tools

Our payment gateway features easy to use reporting tool to give you a clear insight into your business.

Coin Conversion

Auto convert for some of the coin pairs are provided through our own exchange.

Highest Security

Our hot wallet is protected by BitGo and the systems are constantly upgraded and monitored to ensure maximum security.

Protected Privacy

We sell a service, not your data.

Running your own crypto payment gateway business

For those who wishes to start a cryptocurrency payment gateway business, Foreseer offers the perfect solution. Our fully automated solution features everything you need from installation to monitoring.

Multiple Platform

Our clients can operate their services on all platforms including web, mobile, or a native application.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play scripts allows you a seamless integration to your clients’ services.

Easy integration

Embedded API enables easy integration with 3rd party systems.


A dedicated backoffice allows you to track and manage all wallets and operations executed by your clients.

Coin Conversion

Auto convert for some of the coin pairs are provided through our own exchange.

Highest Security

Several advanced security options are provided to alleviate the risk of executing unauthorized transactions.

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